Tips and tricks to prepare the nursery for your baby

Welcoming a baby into the family will always be a very big deal. If it is your first child, a whole new world will open before your eyes, and if it isn’t you are still in for just as big an adventure. You never stop learning and discovering things when you are raising a child of your own, so you want to make sure they grow up in the best environment possible. For this reason, you usually condition one of the rooms of your place to serve as a nursery for them, but there are a lot of things to keep an eye on and it is possible we forget some essentials. Here we provide a quick guide or check list for you to go over and make sure you have everything ready for your new baby.

Crib or cradle

The absolute first essential you should have for your baby in their nursery is a bed, or in this case, a crib or cradle depending on your preference. Cribs are more popular options because they are usually convertible and they can be modified to later become the first proper infant bed of your child. Besides that, you should take a look at getting a mattress that is either waterproof or comes with a water-resistant cover to avoid any incidents while they are resting. It might cost you a bit more, but it is better than replacing a whole mattress if you have bad luck.

Proper room climate conditioning

Keeping an adequate room temperature and climate is paramount to keep your child calm and give them a solid night of sleep, something that you need more than they do. Fans and humidifers are encouraged to achieve this goal, since air conditioning units can be a bit harder to control in terms of humidity or dryness in the nursery. You can keep the air circulating with a tower fan, for instance, and a humidifier can help you keep the humidity levels where they are optimal to avoid any allergies or other sources of discomfort. Check reviews and a selection of best humidifiers for your baby online or at your local mommy and baby stores.

Baby monitor

Parents need their privacy and resting hours as well, but a baby knows no schedules and can need you at any minute. With a baby monitor, you can keep an eye or an ear on the nursery to make sure your baby is sound asleep and doesn’t need you for the time being. Some monitors include video to watch over your baby in case they aren’t making noise but are awake, so it is a matter of budget and preference what kind of monitor you choose to get.

Feeding place and changing station

A nursery isn’t complete without a couple of strategic mom zones. You may feel tempted to roam around the house to calm your baby when they’re crying, or feed them anywhere you happen to be closest to, but building habits is good for both you and them. A feeding place within the nursery keeps the crying contained and doesn’t disturb other family members. Similarly, a changing station is just all the more practical if it is already in the nursery so you can change diapers and do the necessary clean-up all in one place, right next to your baby’s crib to help you out even more to keep them calm.

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