Electric Mountain Bike – Good or Bad?

The Vehicles

Most people really expedite their shelves to get the places of destination. They use aeroplanes, ships, trains, car, bus, truck, motorbike and etc. If we are on the land, we surely will use the land vehicles here. Most people usually use cars, and motorbikes to get there, especially in rush hours. In developing countries like Indonesia, motorbikes play an important role here, They are preferable than cars, and even every house has two or three motorbikes recently.

The growth of national economy really has strong effect to the prosperity. The high frequency of using cars and motorbikes are not good idea. This causes some effects to the environment and nature like noise, air contamination, density and accident on the street. We need a friendly vehicle to the environment, and it is a bike.

The Kinds Of Electric Bikes

There are some foremost companies produce bike in high quality products. They compete to one other to be the market leader. There are some kinds of bike, those are mountain bike (MtB), road bike, folding bike, electric mountain bike, and other kinds of bike. A bike rider can be picky for them, and which bike that which he wants to buy for filling his need.

My hometown is Salatiga Indonesia. It is on the lap of Merbabu mountain, The topography of Salatiga is surely ascending and descending, and the roads are long and winding, The electric mountain bike is appropriate for this area. Salatiga has its’ own laps for bikers, and the local government paints the laps in red, so only the bikers can reside those laps.

The Benefits Of Eelectric Mountain Bike

Salatiga and its’ surroundings also have copious places of interest on the mountain, and one of it is called Kopeng Getasan. Abundant local and foreign tourists have gone there. Most of them use buses, cars, motorbikes to get there. The bike riders also can go there, but they don’t use the highway, they use some alternative ways to reach it. Most of them use electric mountain bikes for this event. They can use highway, but they should be careful, and vigilant.

The usage of electric mountain bike brings some benefits here for the mountain bikers, This bike can move with two ways; the power of electricity and pedalling. This also has button of dial to justify the set of the bike. Of course, it has electric pedal too, it’s a combination between battery and power of pedalling. The foremost of bike companies make this bike as Economical – Compact / Portable – Object. It’s not a product of hassle.

There are some buttons to use; a bike rider can turn the economical button when it is on the flat ways, then he can reset the button when it’s on the trail track on the hard areas, and he also can turn boost button to expedite it when it is on the sloping slanting upward ways. It can do so, because this bike has a geared drive motor. This bike has electricity indicator too, and a bike rider will easily see the indicator of electricity power on its’ bar of vehicle.

He shouldn’t be anxious when the power of it runs lower, because the pedals are around to trample on. When he paddles it, it means that he is doing the real sport, and it is good for his health. At the meantime he can look the unhampered – beautiful scenery of Merbabu’s landmark. One of the foibles of this bike is very expensive.

The Inference

The bottom line is, these bikes are definitely great and super fun to ride, just make sure you read some reviews and pick only the best electric mountain bike that suits your exact needs, this way you don’t spend a fortune and also buy something of quality. Also you might want to check out a folding mountain bike, some are electric too – saves you tons of space in your car to carry.

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